How to make him to pay your bills

  • Are your bills going high?
  • Can you afford the bills?
  • Do you want someone who will pay for you?

Are your bills going high and you have no one who is going to help to pay them? You try everything you can to make money so you can afford your bills but it is not happening. In this time around bills have become very high and you wished you were earning a lot of money to afford them. Then you start to realize that the only person who can help you with the bills in your boyfriend but the only question is how can you make him pay your bills?

Love portion

This is the best well known love spell, this Is the kind of spell that you can cast to your partner and make him understand everything that you say and that you ask him. whatever that you want your partner to do for you he will do it no matter in what condition he will listen to you and do what you tell him to do, cast the love portion to him and ask him to pay for you bills and he will do it. You must make sure when you casting this love spell that while you are casting it you have to mention what you want the spell to do for you within no time it will happen.

Money spell

If you and your partner are weak in finance the money love spell will give you and your partner money that will last, cast the love portion along with money spell and all the money he gets he will spend it in you all the things that you want and all the things that needs money he will do it for you.

Once you cast the two spells to him you will never ask how to make him to pay for my bills because every months he will be paying for you and all the things you want he will do it for you, this money will benefit the two for you in future. He will never use this money to anyone but you both of you will be wealthy forever and the bills will never stress you again. The money spell will start to operate within a day and all your financial problems with your partner will be settled.